Theater Students Shine at Southeastern Theater Conference

Post date: Mar 8, 2017 2:15:26 PM

Theater Students at SETC

Seven students received 290 callbacks from Universities and theater companies

Each year during the first week of March, thespians (fancy word for theater lovers and professionals) emerge from across the country to the Southeastern Theater Conference (SETC), held this year in Lexington, KY.

Seven students from Stewarts Creek attended the conference, attending workshops, watching performances, networking, and, perhaps most importantly, auditioning for panels of judges from University theater departments and theater companies from around the nation. Students would show a portfolio of technical work done (set/light design, directing experience, etc) and/or audition live with monologues and songs for hundreds of interested listeners.

"Normally, a student is lucky to get 2-3 callbacks," said Misty Beechum, parent of junior William Welch, who attended SETC this year. "These kids received 290 callbacks between the 7 of them! The judges were so impressed with their talent level and preparation!"

The students hope to leverage the professional connections and feedback from the Conference into scholarship auditions and future work. This is the second year students from Stewarts Creek have attended the Conference.

Pictured left to right are: Mr. Fann (theater arts teacher), Ivy Weatherill (senior), William Welch (junior), Mrs. Seage (theater arts teacher), Bernice Leveque (senior), Corrine Fann (junior), Tristin Hicks (senior), Carli Young (senior), Joyce Hansen (junior)