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London Trip 2025!

When?  Spring Break 2025

Who? Any student who is zoned for SCHS and involved in your school’s choir or drama club in 23-24 and 24-25. Parent chaperones are invited as well!

How much? Spring Break 2025 Any student who is zoned for SCHS and involved in your school’s choir or drama club in 23-24 and 24-25. Parent chaperones are invited as well!Pricing will be discussed at the April 24 meeting. We are planning on 18-20 installments to make this manageable for families. (we are also really happy with the price!) 

Fundraising? Optional fundraisers will be available for families who would like to participate. 

Please RSVP for the Informational meeting on Monday April 24th at 7:30 in the SCHS Theatre. 


10- Minute Play Festival!

Come and see our collection of 10-Minute plays performed on April 22nd in the Stewarts Creek High School Theatre. Please see the cast lists below. Congratulations Everyone! Please be sure to initial next to your name on the Call Board Monday morning!

Open to interpretation

Directed by Katie Ledford and Paige Hall


Hansel-Jaiden Simon

Gretel- Scarlett Hicks

Janet-Savannah Baker


Stage Manager/ Lighting- Avery Keene

Costumes- Valerie Ferkany

Props- Hailey Bove




Directed by Zoie Duke and Bella Hayes


Poe- Logan Pritchett

Lianna- Nora Silcox

Voices- Mia Herring


Lighting- Jae Puschmann

Costumes- Valerie Ferkany

Props-Hailey Bove



The Same Thing

Directed by Kyndal Aune and Madelyn Newsom


Gene- Jaiden Simon



Stage Manager- Elizabeth Walker

Lighting/ Sound- Avery Keene

Costumes- Hazel Vaughn

Props- Ella Harrell



Calm Down Mother

Directed by Hope Tejeda


W1- Kinsley Carr

W3- Talon Mincieli

W2- Jade Amburgey


Stage Manager/ Lighting-Meghan Fritschler

Costumes/ Props- Summer Johnson





The Proposal

Directed by Melody Sanchez

Julia- Kyla Wright

Mr.Answerth- Mark Abdelnour


Stage Manager- Kerrington Porchia

Lighting- Aili Mickinak

Costumes/ props- Summer Johnson





I Can’t Think Of It Right Now

Directed by Lily Rozevink and Jude Williams


Marsha- Katherine Light

John- Wilker Viscaya

The Actor- Mariam Riad


Stage Manager-Nicole Farella

Lighting- Jade Amburgey

Costumes- Donovan Woodard

Props- Briley Walker



Don’t Hang Up

Directed by Emma Hamblen and Ethan Vickers


Big T- Shandi Smith

Little Y- Scarlett Hicks


Stage Manager- Nicole Farella

Lighting- Elizabeth Walker

Costumes/ Props- Katherine Light



Pain Scale

Directed by Grace McMurtry and Abigail Sowards


Bryson Fletcher

Arabella Cianci


Stage Manager-Emmye Brothers

Lighting- DJ Taylor

Costumes- Mackenzie Brown

Props- Briley Walker




Family 2.0

Directed by Jacob Shelton and Avannah Stuard


Husband- Daniel Light

Wife- Avannah Stuard

Daughter- Lanie Wells

Son- Wilkins Cardin

First Husband- Eli Sarro



Lighting- TBD

Costumes/Props- Donovan Woodard




Fight Over Fuchsia

Directed by Bethany Burns and Kat Foutch


Shirley Ann- Nora Silcox

Cara Sue- Eli Sarro


Lighting- TBD

Costumes- Bethany Burns

Props- Angela Bowen




Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly

Directed by Jordan Chambers and Estella Williams


Sue- Shandi Smith

David- Logan Pritchett

Therapist #1- Emmye Brothers

Therapist #2- Natalie Barnes


Lighting- Jae Puschmann

Costumes- Mackenzie Brown




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All-State Auditions

Just a few things that set All-State Auditions apart: