Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Out of the Clear Blue Sky: Voices of 9/11 is an original theatrical work created by the students at Stewarts Creek High School. The show is based on Oral Histories from the 9/11 attacks and uses a unique devising process in which the students as a group create both the text and visual imagery of the show. The result is the fascinating perspective of students who were not alive when the attacks took place. The show follows the stories of six people as they navigate the tragedy and uses various imagery techniques to re-create the impact of major events of the day.

Out of the Clear Blue Sky Performance 9/11/21

The premiere performance of the show in honor of the 20th anniversary of the attacks.

Link to the Program for 9/11/21 performance

Out of the Clear Blue Sky Workshop Performances 5/11/21

Workshop performances of two different versions of the script. Each version focuses on different storylines and different imagery and was developed by two different groups of students. These workshop performances were followed by an audience feedback process and a cast debriefing process that merged the two versions into the final version of the show.

Out of the Clear Blue Sky Devising Workshops

The following is a playlist of short showcases from the devising workshops used to create the performance. As a part of the process different groups were given sections of text and imagery "ingredients. By watching these videos you can see the beginnings of the final imagery from the show.